More and more homeowners are embracing smart technology, and as the technology continues to advance, the number of smart homes will also increase. Smart home technology can keep us connected, and make our lives more efficient.

The Future Is Connected

We’re already seeing the rise of smart home features, which are adding convenience and connectivity to how people live. In the future, as technology improves, connectivity will improve and more households will embrace smart technology. Just like a futuristic movie, robots will likely soon be a part of our daily lives, helping with daily functions. All these connected, smart features are also environmentally friendly and can help make our homes greener, and lessen homeowners’ carbon footprints.

Smart Home Data

Smart home devices are already starting to collect data about the homeowners, as a way of improving the technology and understanding how people use and interact with it. Advertising and smart home companies are already beginning to use this data to help them develop new products and inform homeowners about related products based on their behaviors.

Google and Amazon are already looking into using emotional artificial intelligence to get to know users of smart technology and even detect their feelings from their tone of voice. One day, voice assistants may be able to tell if users are stressed out or if a request is urgent simply from our tone, and companies could use this information to build an emotional profile.

Robots in Your Home

While it seems so futuristic, living with robots is not too far way. Robots could take your smart home to a new level by streamlining daily tasks and making your everyday life much easier as they begin to manage certain chores. Robots can already connect your kitchen appliances and help with meal planning. They can also answer questions, offer advice, and help with chores, helping homeowners save time.

The Future of Home Security

All of these smart home features may be creating efficiencies in our lives, and making us safer, but they could also pose a security risk. Because smart home devices track our behaviors and interactions, we’re essentially sharing our physical and digital footprint. The devices could be compromised, and that could impact our privacy and security. Addressing these issues are an essential next step for smart technology companies.

“Smart home technology can keep us connected, and make our lives more efficient.”

Embracing the latest technology can make life easier. But, as you bring these devices into your home, it’s important to understand how they work, what they track, and what that could mean for your personal and home security.

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