Smart home technology allows homeowners to control a range of functions – from operation of appliances to regulation of utilities. But if you rent your house or apartment, you may think there is nothing you can do to take advantage of today’s smart home technology. However, that’s just not the case. There are devices that don’t require major installation and that can be easily removed when you move.

Wyze Wireless Cameras

Home monitoring systems can be costly, and often require extensive wiring. However, a wireless Wyze camera monitor costs only $20. These cameras allow you to monitor activity in real time, as well as recording video. Motion tagging technology outlines motion during playback of recorded video, to indicate precisely where the motion is located in your home.

August Smart Locks

If you’re always misplacing your house or apartment keys, the August Smart lock is a smart investment. For only $150, the August smart lock automatically unlocks the door when you approach your home, and locks the door again once you’re inside. You can also program the lock to authorize specific people to enter your apartment when you’re out. A 24/7 monitor keeps track of everyone who enters and exits your home. Installation is easy – it slides over your existing exterior door lock and is ready for use in minutes.

Frigidaire Smart Window Air Conditioners

The Frigidaire Smart Window air conditioner raises the standard window air conditioner unit to another level. This affordable unit costs only $329 and can be controlled remotely. You can turn it on to cool your home by the time you arrive, or turn it off if you forgot to do so before you left. You can even time the unit to turn or off automatically according to a custom schedule. The unit also provides reminders to clean or replace its air filters.

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