Dorney Security Systems

IP Communicator

With an IP communicator, you can control your home security system through your Internet connection. This specific device comes in handy when a home or business owner doesn’t have a landline, and allows certain alarm systems to communicate over a VOIP or Internet-based line. While it does not guarantee the same level of communication as a GSM communicator or a traditional phone line, it will work if your Internet connectivity is functioning properly.

The IP communicator pairs well with the Smart Phone Alarm Access, which allows you to review your alarm status and arm and disarm your alarm from your smart phone. This option is instant, always on, and works over your local LAN/WAN network or the Internet with 128-bit AES encryption (NIST approved). In addition, it supports DHCP (dynamic IP addresses), requires low network bandwidth, and is compatible with 10/100Base-T networks. It can report security events to two different receiver IP addresses, making it easy to keep track of your system.

*High Speed internet required for some features of this application to operate, if you do not have a home network we will set one up for you for an additional fee.