There are plenty of ways to be smart about your home. Whether you’ve just purchased a new one or you’ve lived there for many years, upgrading the way you live can save you lots of money. Specifically, you can save hundreds on your energy bill when you implement smart home technology into your everyday routine.

To begin, you can connect your thermostats and lighting to your overall security system for a seamless approach to saving both energy and money. You can do this a handful of ways: through your smartphone or tablet, a smartwatch, voice control, or TV monitoring.

Manage your lights and temperature settings on an automated schedule. This means you won’t be flipping lights on and off all day long, and you’ll never accidentally leave one on overnight or when you’re out of town.

Set your thermostat to automatically adjust. When the alarm is set to signal that you’re away, it will adjust back, and when you get home, recalculate. On a schedule, it will learn when to adjust, keeping you comfortable. In addition, these smart settings let you keep tabs on what happens when you’re away, sending notifications to you to let you know the temperature is out of normal range.

Enable a local lockout. This allows you ultimate control, even when you’re out of town. Guests at your home (or teenagers!) can’t adjust the thermostat.

Going even further, you can avoid the energy bill spike during extreme temperatures by setting your alarm to sync with real-time weather data.

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