Here’s something to think about: You’ve just turned the corner, on your way to work. You managed to get out of the house in the pouring rain, coffee in one hand, keys in the other and your bag barely hanging onto your shoulder. This was all while you had an umbrella propped in the crook of your arm. Getting inside your car and out of the driveway without a spill or a fall was nothing short of a miracle – but did you remember to set the alarm? Did you close the garage door?

Enter’s security notifications feature. With this type of security, you can set up your smartphone to receive notifications when you forgot to do something, such as locking the door, closing the garage, turning off the lights, setting the alarm, etc. In addition, you’ll be able to remotely lock or unlock the door right from your app, saving you a trip back to the house. Helpful on days when you can’t be home for visitors, you can let in a trusted visitor or contractor without having to be there. You can also set up individual lock codes, so that you know who locked or unlocked the doors.These notifications give you peace of mind, for one, but they also save you a trip if you didn’t manage to check all of your boxes.

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