Imagine how convenient it would be to walk into your home and turn lights, appliances and equipment on and off with a tap on your phone – or the sound of your voice. A smart home makes all this a reality. You can incorporate smart home technology into your home, often for less money than you think.  


The five tips listed below can transform your house or apartment into a 21st century smart home:

Plan Ahead

Determine just how smart you want your home to be before you start installing hardware and wiring. A system to control your HVAC from your phone is much less complex than a whole house security system. You should also consider whether you’ll be able to incorporate the equipment you already have or whether you will need to make major new purchases.

Future Proof Your Home

You cannot actually predict the future, but you can future proof your smart home to at least some extent. For instance, install Ethernet cable in every room in your home to make it easier to install smart equipment at a later date.

Focus on the Controller and Wi-Fi

While you may be jazzed about purchasing high-end tech equipment, the controller and Wi-Fi system actually represent the heart of any smart home system. Purchase the best Wi-Fi router you can afford. Likewise, the controller does the actual work of a smart home system. Therefore, you can achieve a smart lighting system with “dumb” lighting controlled by automation via your Smartphone.

Leave Wiring to the Experts

Unless you are a licensed electrician with experience in smart home installation, it’s best to leave wiring to the experts. Attempting to take on wiring as an amateur can lead to malfunctioning appliances, electrical fires or even electrocution. Just don’t do it.

Stay in Touch with Your Installer

Over time, you will almost certainly want to upgrade your smart home system.  That’s why it makes sense to stay in touch with your installer. In many instances, updates can be accomplished quickly and easily – in some cases, even remotely, especially by an installer who is familiar with your original smart home setup.

For more ideas on incorporating smart home technology into your home give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide suggestions that work best for where you live.

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