Dorney Security Systems

CO Detector

A CO detector is installed to indicate the presence of the colorless, odorless, and deadly carbon monoxide gas. Without a warning device like this one, CO would be impossible to detect, so it’s imperative to include these devices in your home or business security plan.

Made with a slim-line design, hush feature, and a built-in 85 dB alarm at 10 feet away, the CO detector features malfunction supervision, low sensitivity supervision, and electrochemical sensing technology. The device is built to transmit RF status and show low battery and/or tamper condition as well as wall tamper.

Onboard LEDs indicate:

* Red – Alarm

* Yellow – Trouble

* Green – Power

All CO detectors come with a 3-5-year battery life, end-of-life (EOL) indicator, and low battery supervision.

*High Speed internet required for some features of this application to operate, if you do not have a home network we will set one up for you for an additional fee.