Investing in a home security system is rewarding on many levels, but you may be thinking that the elevated bells and whistles that come along with a smart system aren’t relevant if you’ve got kids who may not be able to utilize it correctly. In fact, there are many reasons that a smart home is the better choice for homes with kids. Here’s why:

It helps you control the temperature in your house. When you’ve got young kids, you’ll spend a lot of time outside. With outside time comes a hundred openings and closings of the door with things like bathroom breaks, snack needs, and toy runs. With a smart home, your house learns to recognize these things and can control the spike in temperature, keeping your thermostat on a level playing field.

You won’t leave the lights on. Coordinating your electricity through a smart home hub lets you not only put lights on a timer, but it helps you turn on the lights you need to, from wherever you need to, and turn lights off when they’re not in use. This means the light in the basement won’t stay on long after the kids have come up for dinner – and if you leave for vacation, the bathroom lights will get to take one too.

Other perks include automatically setting an alarm when your kids are home with a babysitter, being able to reset false alarms even when you’re not home, and locking the door after you’ve managed to get the entire family in the car and are already a few miles from home. You can automatically time holiday lights to come on and off, switch on space heaters, and more.

In short, it saves you time so that you can spend it with your family instead.

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