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If this is an emergency please dial “911” immediately!

If your concern is of an urgent nature but not an emergency you may call us at (915) 584-4526. We guarantee that we can have a representative in your home within one day to fix any trouble that may not be able to be fixed via this site or over the phone.

For Online Troubleshooting please follow the links below. If you would like to send us your question we will answer it promptly by either phone or e-mail.

We apologize for any inconvenience while our site is under renovation, when it is done we hope it will be well worth it. Thank you.

For 2GIG Products:

How to Change Your Master Code
  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox > User Codes
  2. Enter your current master code
  3. The screen will display a list of 8 codes; touch the code you want to change
  4. Type in a new four-digit number to change your master code
How to Enable and Disable the Chime Function
  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox > Chime Setup
  2. Enter your master code
  3. A list of zones will appear; for each zone, choose a chime tone


  1. Press Security > Menu
  2. There will be a checkbox with the word Chime next to it. To turn on chime for every area of your home, make sure there is a check in the box
How to Turn On or Off the Voice Option
  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox
  2. On the Menu page, check or uncheck the box next to Voice
How to Bypass Sensors
  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox > Bypassed Sensors
  2. Enter your master code; a list of zones will appear
  3. Touch the zone you want to bypass; an icon will appear, showing completed

Or to un-bypass all of your zones:

  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox
  2. Check the box next to Unbypass All
How to Adjust System Volume or Brightness
  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox > Brightness/Volume
  2. Using the speaker icons, increase or decrease the volume of the panel; or turn brightness up or down
How to Set the Date and Time
  1. Press Security > Menu > Toolbox (page 2) > Set Date and Time
  2. Using the arrow buttons, set the date first then push Next
  3. Using the arrow buttons, set the time
  4. Enter OK twice
For DSC Products

How to Change Your Master Code
  1. Press *5, Old Master Code, 40, __ __ __ __ (new code)
  2. System will beep to confirm; Press ## to exit
How to Add Additional User Codes
  1. Press *5, Master Code, 01-32, __ __ __ __(new code)
  2. System will beep to confirm; Press ## to exit
How to Turn Off Your System
  1. Enter your 4-digit master code or any previously programmed user code
How to Set Up the Chime
  1. Press *4 for models 1555 and older
  2. Toggle on and off.
How to Bypass Zones
  1. Press *1; then the 2-digit zone number you wish to leave open while arming the rest of the system; will remain bypassed for one arming/disarming cycle
How to Set Your System Time
  1. Press *6; enter the master code
  2. Press 1; enter time in 24hr clock (Ex: 4 p.m. on the 22nd of March 2010 will be: 1600032210)
  3. Press ## to exit
How to Translate the Yellow Triangle/Trouble Light

1. Press *2; either 1 through 8 light will light up

2. Problem with battery and/or siren; call support to clear trouble

3. AC loss; the panel is running on battery

4. Loss of dial tone; check home phones, or call support to clear trouble if they work; if they do not work, call your phone provider. Cell customers should call support

5. Failure to communicate; if no 3 is present, call support to clear trouble; if 3 is present, follow troubleshooting for 3

6. Fire detector fault; contact us to clear trouble

7. Wireless zone fault; press 6; the number that comes up is the faulting zone, press on sensor to make sure it is snapped shut, then open and close zone 2 times; if this doesn’t clear trouble, contact support

8. Wireless zone low battery; press 7; the number that comes up has a low battery, either replace battery on your own or contact us to replace battery; you have less than 7 days from time of fault to replace the battery

9. Loss of system time; follow instructions for setting system time above

For Honeywell products:

How to Turn the System On/Off

Enter master code, plus the command key.

Command Keys:

Away [2]: Arms any protected doors, windows, and motion detectors

Stay [3]: Arms any protected doors and windows

Off [1]: Disarms the entire system


Press [#] + [3] to quick arm in the Stay Mode

Press [#] + [2] to quick arm in the Away Mode


How to Arm in Instant

Away: Current Master Code + [4] Max Mode

Stay: Current Master Code + [7] Stay instant; no delays on the door

How to Change the Master Code

Enter current master code or installer code + [8] + [02] + new master code (twice); use the installer code if the customer has forgotten their master code

How to Add/Delete Codes

To Add: Enter master code + [8] + user number (03-33) + user code

To Delete: Enter master code + [8] + user number # 0; wait until a beep after 3 seconds

How to Enter the Duress Code

The duress is programmed on user code (825)

Press 2-5-8-0 [OFF]; use only if forced to disarm the system

How to Control the Chime Function
  1. Enter master code plus the chime key [9]
How to Bypass Zones
  1. Enter master code + bypass button [6] + 2-digit zone number(s); the panel will display bypass and the zone(s) being bypassed; wait for all the bypassed zones to be displayed
  2. Arm the system as usual; when armed, the display will show zone bypassed


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Our support center may be reached at (915) 584-4526.
*High Speed internet required for some features of this application to operate, if you do not have a home network we will set one up for you for an additional fee.