If you’re a parent with young children or teenagers living at home, smart home technology and automation are definitely your friends. With these capabilities, you can keep track of your children’s whereabouts within the home, monitor what they’re watching on TV, or provide illumination for nighttime trips to the bathroom. Automation can also turn off whatever appliance your teens – or your absent-minded spouse – left running before leaving the house.


Young children require supervision.  However, even the most diligent parents cannot be everywhere at once. Automated technology can make the task more manageable.  Motion sensors and timed devices can turn off lights, computers, and TVs in your children’s rooms at specified times to enforce bedtime.  Motion sensors can also switch on dim lighting when your child gets up to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water, then revert to lights out when he or she is back in bed. Parental locks can be programmed to allow your kids to watch certain channels only during specified hours while locking out other channels altogether.


Teenagers require less supervision than young children – but automated technology is still a useful tool for parents. Smart lock technology allows you to do away with keys in favor of a front door code. No keys mean no more lost keys – potentially saving hundreds of dollars in locksmith’s charges for changing locks. Remote video monitoring allows parents to see their kids come home from school.  Automated technology also allows parents to intercept phone calls remotely, so that callers need not know that unsupervised teens are in the home.

Whatever your children’s ages, automated technology can enhance your peace of mind. For more suggestions on how home automation can make life with children and teenagers easier, give us a call. We’ll be happy to address your needs and concerns.

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Don’t miss out on the potential savings available by adopting home automation!

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