Total Alarm

Most alarm companies will offer you the coverage of 2 or 3 doors along with a motion detector and call it an alarm. By the most basic definition this is an alarm, but wouldn’t you prefer a contact on every door and window in the house? We would, that is why we offer you the total alarm at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to make feeling completely protected as affordable as possible.

Prewired Home:

If your home is prewired, we will work to make all the contacts on each door and window work with our system.

Wireless Alarm:
If you don’t already have wiring don’t worry, we will give you a master control panel, keypad, 1 keyfob, 1 motion, and 3 door/window sensors. But the real advantage is the add-on bundles where you are able to purchase the total alarm at cost, saving on average around $400 on wireless equipment costs, and by the way labor is on us.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Because we want you to feel “Protected by Dorney Security Systems” just like our signs say.

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