Prewired Home

Your home already has the wiring required for an alarm system, for you there are only a few questions to consider how you want it activated.

1. Is the system currently functioning/are all the wires and doors connected to a panel?

Many prewire companies only mount the doors, motion, and keypad, the other sensors are not connected. You can find out if your alarm is functioning two ways. First, is there a green light on the keypad? Second, do you have small contacts on all your windows that open? If you answer yes to both of these then you probably qualify for our switchover plan.


2. Do you have a working land-line home phone (not over internet. ex: Vonage or Magic-Jack)?

This will determine if you must purchase an additional communications device such as GSM (cell) communicator. If you have a fully functioning alarm but no phone line you can purchase one of these communicators for $160 with a 12 month contract. There will also be an additional $5 a month required by the Cell Phone Providers. This is considerably less than a land-line which runs between $39.99 and $65.99 a month.

3. Do You Want do More with your System?

We can reuse your old equipment if security is your only concern. But we can also give you the latest and greatest technology, and your existing wiring is 100% compatible with it. Click Here to learn more.


4. When do you want us to come by?

We are available Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm to update your home security system, so give us a call and lets get started. (915) 584-4526. We guarantee the Best price in town.


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