Prewire Options

A Great Home in the 21st Century requires Technology to keep up with today’s needs.

  • When a Home is in Frame we can do ANYTHING with technology.
    • Security
    • TV
    • Audio Anywhere
    • Smart Phone Control of almost everything.
    • Home Networking
    • CCTV
  • Once the Wiring is in and the Paint dries, We can provide all the hardware necessary to help it all work seamlessly together.

What Does a Prewire Incude:

  • We actually connect ALL the doors and windows to the system, with NO loose wires hanging out by each opening, this prevents having to add a wireless sensor later when it is discovered there is a damaged wire.
  • We install only the most advanced equipment, and warranty it for up to 3 years.
  • We offer 3 free Phone/Data drops and 2 Cable TV drops with every alarm prewire.
  • Add surround sound or other Custom Wiring for amazing prices.
  • We can even tailor the home to your TV & Internet Providers.


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