Many security companies advertise smaller upfront costs but they don’t give you the total coverage that Dorney Security will offer you. If you are going to have an alarm, why not put a sensor on every point of entry into your house, and for our low price you can! See for your self.

Purchasing Alarms:
New Alarm with Dorney Security: Traditional “Free” Alarm:
New Panel (basic system)
New Sale Price: $274.99 $99 – $549
Monthly Monitoring Rate:

(For Traditional Phone Monitoring)

as low as $20.00* $39.99 +
Contract Length: 12 months 36 months
Credit Check: No Yes
Total Cost After 12 months: $514.99 $679.88-$944.88
Total Cost After 36 months: $1094.99 $1639.63-$1844.64
Free Annual Inspection: Yes No
Service Call Policy
We will be there within 24 hours, often there is a response within 4 hours. Dorney Security understands how important it is to have a working alarm. Most guarantee service within 36 hours, can be as long as 72 hours without a working alarm
Monthly Military Discount:
10% off monthly monitoring rate for all military and other public servants such as police officers and firefighters. No. Many will advertise $44.99/mo. So they can give a $5 discount for whatever reason they choose.
Annual Monitoring Discount:
10% off monthly monitoring rate if paid in advance No. Many will advertise $44.99/mo. So they can give a $5 discount.
What’s included in the System: A total alarm, that is the whole home covered. Prewired & Wireless – 3 doors, motion, & “free” keyfob
* $20 per month is for basic land-line services after above discounts applied. Add up to $100 for each additional unit.

Still not convinced?

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