Price Explaination

There are 2 components to Alarm Pricing-

  • Parts Cost
  • Monthly Monitoring Rate

Parts Cost: DSS Price $275

Alarm equipment or “parts” should include all that is needed to secure your home from the dangers of the world. Standard parts includes: a Panel, a Keypad, a Keyfob, and all the hardwired doors and windows OR 3 door/window sensors, and a motion detector if no previous alarm is present.

Dorney Security charges a flat $275 for the standard parts including installation, and all additional parts are sold at cost. This is done because we want you to feel your home is truly Protected By Dorney Security.

Some companies will charge $99 “Activation”, this is done because your parts cost is then deferred over the course of the 36 month to 60 month agreement you sign. Others will increase the price of a standard alarm to try and make a greater profit off of your point of sale, but in reality anything more than $275 for a standard alarm is robbery, something we at Dorney Security are trying to prevent.

Monthly Monitoring Rate: DSS price $20/month after discounts

The Monthly Monitoring Rate or “monitoring” is the cost to keep your alarm connected with our 24 hour UL Listed Monitoring station, and the Emergency officials who will respond when you have trouble.There is no additional charge for fire, medical or police, it all costs the same so if you are paying for them separately you are being taken advantage of and should consider contacting us today.

Monitoring is often inflated by our competitors in order to cover the cost of parts, Monitoring rates vary between $20 and $60 for the same basic service.

Many of our competitors hide a small annual increase like 7% to the monthly rate, while others do an increase at the end of your agreement to current pricing.

Dorney Security has never, I say again NEVER,  raised rates on our customers, ever! This means what you agree to pay us for services rendered will remain at the agreed upon rate FOR-E-V-E-R! We don’t like playing number games with our clients, because we hate it when the cable company and cell phone company does it to us. Just one of the countless reasons Dorney Security is the best at what we do.

Dorney Security also keeps alarm costs low by offering monitoring discounts to their already low price, which mean you can protect your family for as low as $20 a month, forever. All this with no threat or worry that the bill will be higher than that at some time in the future.

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