Monitoring Explained

All Alarm companies talk about monitoring as their monthly service offered but few explain what you get for the $25 to $50 a month for basic monitoring service, and then add between $5 and $25 for additional services.

To have your home “Monitored” is to have an active line of communication, either over a traditional phone line(basic service), through an IP (over your cable internet) communicator, or a GSM (cellular) communicator.

This active line of communication keeps your home or business connected with our Central Station, who will confirm with you when a signal is received from your alarm and then notify the emergency authorities at your request.

In the event that you do not answer (either you are incapacitated, or you are in danger) we will automatically dispatch the authorities to provide prompt assistance. Your welfare and safety is our top priority, and we will be sure to act quickly to give you the help you need. Once the authorities are on the way we will then call those you pre-approve so that your loved ones can be aware of your trouble and offer what assistance they can.

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