Honeywell Instructions

TURNING SYSTEM ON AND OFF:    Enter MASTER CODE plus the command key.

AWAY [2]:            Arms any protected doors, windows and motion detectors.

STAY   [3]:            Arms any protected doors and windows.

OFF      [1]:            Disarms the entire system.


        Press [#] + [3]  to quick arm in the STAY MODE

Press [#] + [2]  to quick arm in the AWAY MODE



        AWAY:  CURRENT MASTER CODE + [4]  Max Mode

STAY:  CURRENT MASTER CODE + [7]  Stay instant  No delays on the door

         CHANGING MASTER CODE:                              Page 29 in the user guide

Enter CURRENT MASTER CODE or INSTALLER CODE + [8] + [02] + NEW MASTER CODE (twice.) (Use the installer code if the customer has forgotten their master code.



DELETE USER CODE:  Enter MASER CODE + [8] + USER NUMBER # 0, and then wait until a beep after 3 seconds.


DURESS CODE:       Only to be used in an emergency!!  The duress is programmed on user code (825)

Press 2-5-8-0 [OFF]            Use only if forced to disarm the system.

(Medical)               [#] & [3]

PANICS      (Police)                   [*] & [#]     In an emergency, press both buttons at the same time.

(Fire)                       [1] & [*]      You will need to put the panic stickers on the keypad

CHIME FUNCTION:       Enter master code plus the chime key [9].  When chime is on the keypad will display ‘chime’ and whenever a protected door or window is opened the keypad will beep.

 STATUS:                     Press the STAR [*] button to check the status of the system.  This will check for any zones that are open and display them on the keypad.             

 BYPASS ZONES:  Pg. 15 in user guide.  Enter master code + BYPASS button [6] + 2-digit zone number(s).  The panel will display BYPASS and the zone(s) being bypassed.  Wait for all the bypassed zones to be displayed.  Arm the system as usual.  When armed, the display will show ‘ZONE BYPASSED’ and it will bypass the zone(s).


  1. Open all desired zones to bypass
  2. Enter MASTER CODE + [6]
  3. Wait until all bypassed zones have been displayed on the keypad and keypad shows ready
  4. Arm system as usual

 SYSTEM TEST:    Enter master code plus the test button [5] + [0].  This will put the system in ‘walk’ test mode.  Test system by opening doors/windows, walking in front of motion detectors, etc.  The keypad will beep three times when it has received a signal from each zone as it is tripped.

 TESTING MOTION DETECTORS:  Put the system in the test mode by entering the master code plus the test key [5] + [0].  Walk in front of the motion detector, when it sees you the panel will beep three times.  The motion detector should emit a red light when it is tripped.


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