DSC Instruction Sheet

Change Master Code- *5, Old Master Code, 40,  __ __ __ __ (new code) Will beep to confirm, ## to exit

Additional User Codes- *5, Master Code, 01-32, __ __ __ __(new code), Will beep to confirm, ## to exit

Stay– Used whenever you are in the home- NO MOTION- All perimeter Zones will be active.

Away- Used whenever no one will be in the home- MOTION ACTIVE- All perimeter Zones will be active. Will beep for 60 seconds to indicate exit delay

Turn Off- Enter your 4-digit master code or any previously programmed user code.

Chime- Will cause panel to beep 5 times every time perimeter zone is triggered. * 4 for 1555 and older. Toggle on and off.

Reset– For Hard-wired Smoke detectors- In most homes this button is not in use

Exit- Allows for a brief 30sec disarmed period while panel is set to away, for the door to open one time, great if you want to go out early in the morning and not wake anybody else in the home up.

Bypass– To bypass a zone press *1, then the 2-digit zone number (ex: 03) you wish to leave open while arming the rest of the system. Will remain bypassed for one arming/disarming cycle

System Time– *6, Master Code, 1,enter time in 24hr clock: HHMM MMDDYY ## to exit.                           

                                (Ex: 4pm the 22nd of March 2010 will be: 1600032210)

Yellow Triangle/Trouble Light- press *2- The 1 through 8 light will light up.

1-      There is a problem with battery and/or siren, Call us to clear trouble.

2-      AC Loss, the panel is running on battery and requires AC power to return to clear trouble.

3-      Loss of Dial tone on phones, either telephone company is not providing signal to the house or there is a wiring problem. Check home phones, if they work, call us to clear trouble, if they do not work, call your phone Provider. For Cell Primary customers, call us to clear trouble.

4-      Failure to communicate- If no 3 is present call us to clear trouble, if 3 is present follow troubleshooting for 3.

5-      Fire Detector Fault- Contact us to clear trouble.

6-      Wireless Zone Fault- Press 6, the number that comes up is the faulting zone,  press on sensor to make sure it is snapped shut, then open and close zone 2 times, if this doesn’t clear trouble contact us.

7-      Wireless Zone low battery- press 7, the number that comes up has a low battery, either replace battery on your own or contact us to replace battery. You have less than 7 days from time of fault to replace the battery.

8-      Loss of System time – follow instructions for setting system time above.

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