GSM Cell Communicator

SALE PRICE: $180 (Save $120 instantly)

  • Compatible with control panels that communicate using the Contact ID format
  • Full event reporting
  • Uses GPRSdata channel for high-speed, reliable and low-cost communications to an IP receiver
  • 4 on-board inputs
  • 4 on-board outputs (open collector)
  • SIM card (included)
  • Activation and initialization via automated telephone activation system (VRU) or web-user interface provided by CONNECT 24™
  • Monitors the panel’s attempts to communicate to determine if GSM backup communications are necessary
  • UL Licensed.

This device is the recommended solution for all customers who do not have a traditional phone line, or want the added security of a back-up communicator. The additional cell service is only $5 more a month, but the added savings of not paying for a landline more than pays for itself. We offer the cell unit at cost, in order to help you maintain secure communication from your home, which is after all what we are in the business to do.

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